Charting Improvements

I would like to be able to correlate data points better using the charts to find trends that run either in parallel or opposed. For example: I have a charts with each of the macros consumption/BodyFat(BF) and another with total consumption/BF, but its very hard to see how well the trends match up.

To that end, the things that impair me are:

  1. the hard data line obscures the trend line, which is usually more important, as daily fluctuations are less important over longer periods. My suggestion would be a show/hide for the daily data, even if the "hide" only dimmed it down and under the trend.
  2. The data points dont start or track together. It would be helpful if they just started together on the chart so that they had a coordinated baseline. It would also be nice if we could choose a % delta, or if the scaling of the measurements matched the % delta.
  3. It would be nice to be able to control the smoothing. I dont know what the trend line now represents, but it would be nice to be able to choose 3,7,14 day moving averages (dma) per datatype. That would allow things like a chart with 3 dma BF and 14 dma BF to see longer trends and shorter ones together.

Also, Im going to throw in another request for BF by weight (instead of %) and Lean Body Mass by % and weight as datapoints (all are math on current data).

Thanks! And keep up the good work!


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