Calories and weight loss, I thought sure I'd lose weight.

I've been on a Keto diet for 7 weeks, I lost 11lbs. Last Sunday (the 15th) I weighed 151.5lbs.
Here are the calories per day I ate this week. Sun. 1442, Mon. 1582, Tue. 1441, Wed. 707,
Thur. 715, Fri. 0, Sat. 710. Sat. AM my blood Ketones hit 5.2 and my Insulin was 71.
I weighed my self, I gained 1/2 lb, 152lbs.
btw, Chronometer says I should have 2126 kcals per day. I'm 5'6" 152lbs, medium boned.
I was just busy Wed and Thur, so just didn't eat much, I fasted Thur 8pm thru Sat 6pm (46hrs). My first fast and very easy!
I walked 5 to 7 miles on 5 days and just worked hard climbing ladders and lifting roof panels on Fri and Sat. Plenty of energy for a 65 year old on Ketones.
I don't question the scale I weighed myself on and I'm absolutely sure I weighed and documented everything I ate.
I will add, I don't rally need to lose much more weight, I need to lose a little more fat and gain some muscle, weight is probably about where it should be.
What do you think?


  • Hi Qmavam,

    Weight change isn't always the best way to measure how a dietary change is going - especially if you don't have much weight to lose. In addition to how much you are eating, your weight can be influenced by the time of day, fluid shifts from drinking, sweating, exercise, your sleep, etc.

    You could be making beneficial changes in your body composition when you combine dietary changes with the activity and exercise you are doing. Increasing your muscle mass and losing fat won't be reflected on the scale.

    There are calipers or scales you can use to get a measure of body composition. Or you can take photos of yourself and compare over time to look for visual changes. You can upload snapshots in Cronometer to keep track, learn more about that here:

    If you are feeling well and doing great, try not to be discouraged by the number on the scale. There are other benefits to making healthy changes to your diet and exercise routine.

    Karen Stark
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  • @Qmavam

    I second what @Karen_Cronometer said. In addition, you may want to focus on waist circumference (the middle part between your last rib and first hip bone) as this should ideally be less than 40 inches.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • The 11 lbs I lost helped on my waist circumference, even though I doubt it was 40 inches when I started, I'm at 36 inches now, still a little pooch, but my pants are comfortable now. It was just a surprise that for that week I averaged 850 calories a day and gained 1/2 lb. Not a concern, just an interesting development. I might add, I got my blood tests results after 7 weeks on a Keto Diet. Previous test was 9 months ago.
    Total Cholesterol went from 195 to 109.
    Triglycerides 397 to 82
    LDL 106 to 54
    HDL went form 36 up to 39
    I'm very impressed with those results from 7 weeks a a Keto Diet.

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