Calories and weight loss, I thought sure I'd lose weight.

I've been on a Keto diet for 7 weeks, I lost 11lbs. Last Sunday (the 15th) I weighed 151.5lbs.
Here are the calories per day I ate this week. Sun. 1442, Mon. 1582, Tue. 1441, Wed. 707,
Thur. 715, Fri. 0, Sat. 710. Sat. AM my blood Ketones hit 5.2 and my Insulin was 71.
I weighed my self, I gained 1/2 lb, 152lbs.
btw, Chronometer says I should have 2126 kcals per day. I'm 5'6" 152lbs, medium boned.
I was just busy Wed and Thur, so just didn't eat much, I fasted Thur 8pm thru Sat 6pm (46hrs). My first fast and very easy!
I walked 5 to 7 miles on 5 days and just worked hard climbing ladders and lifting roof panels on Fri and Sat. Plenty of energy for a 65 year old on Ketones.
I don't question the scale I weighed myself on and I'm absolutely sure I weighed and documented everything I ate.
I will add, I don't rally need to lose much more weight, I need to lose a little more fat and gain some muscle, weight is probably about where it should be.
What do you think?


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