Is there any way to put steps into the exercise tab?

I'm not importing from an electronic program, just trying to manually enter steps from a step counter. Thanks for your help.


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    Hi Caver,

    We don't have a step counter in the exercise system currently - I'll pass that along though, thanks!

    If you would like to keep track of your number of steps, and aren't concerned with the calories burned from the activity, you could create a custom biometric. Use the Add Biometric button in the diary page, then the green + to create a new custom biometric. Give is a name and a unit to add it to your list of biometrics to add in the future. By creating it as a biometric, you can graph your steps over time to see your progress.


    Karen Stark
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    It's nearly FOUR YEARS and I can track DOG SLEDDING but no steps. Not even a SIMPLE tracking biometric like BP and BG. So you just couldn't care less, right? Apparently all the obvious Gen X GAMER developers [who decided BLACK background for the ugly menu was more important] thought rewriting the entire SYSTEM was more important than providing the most SIMPLE request possible: BIOMETRIC THAT SAYS STEPS. It's only the number one thing paying users may want. That the entire world talks about, right? Let everyone do their OWN "custom" instead of coding such an extremely difficult thing.

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    Another year later and still no Steps. I have added it but no values, just a notation. Agree with the others - it's a very basic metric. Why all the others and not this one?

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