Calories burned in charts

Can you add "calories burned" as an item possible to plot in the charts?


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    Hi sonofjon,

    We have a cool Calories chart on the diary page that gives option to view calories burned from the drop-down list just under the chart.

    It's along the left hand side of the screen


    Karen Stark
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    Yeah, that’s nice. But I’d like to plot it alongside my macros and micronutrients in the charts.

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    Go to Add Custom Chart
    Change Biometric to Nutrient
    Drop Down and look for Energy Burned.

    This will give you your exercise calories burned. Of course that is not a chart in Cronometer of Total Calories burned. However in excel you can combine your BMR with calories burned and get total daily calories burned. You can also export your Macro and Micros and plot them against your burn.

    There is a Net Energy Chart available, down below the Energy Burned. It appears to show the difference between Calories Consumed and Total Calories Burned. If the dot is above zero, you ate more than you burned. Below zero and you ate less than you burned. In this case you should be losing weight.

    You can export the charts that you need data from into Excel and produce whatever chart your heart desires. Here are three of a dozen charts I have created in excel.

    and a Daily total calories burned over calories consumed.

    and one visualizing the difference of Calories Consumed Vs Calories Burned and the impact on my weight.

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