Toggle Off Adding Exercise Calories

Cronometer automatically adds calories burned during exercise to the calories remaining for the day. It would be helpful to be able to toggle off this option, so that calories from exercise are not added back automatically. Otherwise, the user has to either manually subtract back out the calories burned from exercise or avoid using the exercise tracking feature entirely.


  • Thanks for your suggestion Stace! We are working on adding this option in your energy target settings.

    Karen Stark
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  • I'm currently avoiding tracking exercise entirely. I plan to start exercise tracking as I get closer to my weight loss/body fat % goals. I would really like to set a percentage of exercise calories to add to the budget rather than just an all or nothing toggle.

  • I'm just curious, why?

  • Right now I'm limiting caloric intake to 120% BMR (sedentary activity level). I don't log exercise in Cronometer so that the calorie balance shows against this target rather than my total calories burned.

    What I'd really like is to be able to set the calorie budget based on three values: percent of BMR (default to based on selected activity level), percent of exercise calories (default set to 100%), fixed adjustment (default based set to based on weight timeline goal). As I get closer to my target weight / body composition, I would like to adjust my calorie budget based on exercise, but I don't want to set that to 100% until I reach my goals.

    It would also be nice to have a chart for over/under calorie budget (this is what my net calories chart currently looks like because I'm not really tracking calories burned).

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