Adding CGM tracking (such as LibreLink) into Cronometer

I don't see it listed as a device that is supported. Is there any way to input data from a continuous glucose monitor into Cronomter?


  • Hi ChrisKay,

    Cronometer doesn't have an integration with a continuous glucose monitor to import values directly. I'll add this to our list for future development.

    You can track you blood glucose values in Cronometer manually by adding a biometric to your diary. This gives you the ability to view your trends over time in a graph format using the Trends tab.


    Karen Stark
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  • Hi Karen, can I import a csv of glucose data? that way I could still include the large dataset of cgm data

  • I'm afraid we don't support importing biometric data through a csv file - sorry about that! There are some improvements we need to make to support importing and displaying this type of data.

    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • A Libre Link CGM integration or a way to import time series biometrics (CSV) would help greatly. I will be trialing a Freestyle Libre 2 and will need to cross-reference with foods/nutrients. Any idea when either of this features might be added ?

  • I think some integration will be worth while. The librelink app has a fairly primative note taking feature, but it's not much use for deep analysis.

    (I haven't worked out how to export the CSV, but a quick google says it's doable)

  • Luckily I am not allowed Pizza :) Although rice cakes can spike impressively enough and with a much higher spike/enjoyment ratio ;)

  • I'm allowed to eat whatever I want 😁, but that's the only pizza i have eaten in the last year - indeed, I have eaten practically no grains in the last 2 years. I ate it (mostly) to see how my body responded. I shared it because it was more interesting than my low carb meal which dropped my blood glucose a tiny bit.

    I can't imagine why anyone ears rice cakes since glycemic index was developed. Zero nutrition, zero taste and BG to ♾️ and beyond.

    I actually had late night sushi while wearing the CGM, and that completely deranged my metabolism for hours. it was pretty nice, which is good, because it's the last plate of sushi I think will ever sit down to.

  • experimenting now with CGM just made vegan chocolate mousse with aquafaba and 100% montezuma chocolate and 100% organic cocoa and extra virgin olive oil and even risked 21g of blueberries (my first fruit in months) along with 63g of coconut yog - pretty intense and bg looks ok so far. Also had a fennel stir fry instead of a tofu salad tonight - life in the fast lane ;)

    • extra virgin coconut oil not olive oil
  • agreed on rice cakes - when we were pushing my cals in hospital was eating humus with rice cakes... but managed to spike a 16.7 the day after discharge with 4 rice cakes (not touching one ever again). Having one gluten-free oatcake per day now

  • I complained last week about the CSV download and it now works from Libreview website. Now all we need is for that CSV import to be added to cronometer - it would be hugely helpful (and speaking as a technical director should not be difficult if the application architecture is sensible).

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