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Is it possible to copy food items from one day to another? Also are you able to copy the entire previous day food items to the current day?


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    You can copy items. I'm not sure I've done it on the mobile app, but I think it is possible. On the web, you can select the items you want to copy then choose "copy selected items" from the vertical ellipsis menu at the top right corner of the diary. Go to the day you want to copy to and choose "Paste" from the same menu.

    If you want to copy all items (not just food items) from one day to another, it is even easier. To copy yesterday's entries to today, select "Copy Previous Day" in the vertical ellipsis menu. To copy a different day, go to that day and select "Copy Current Day" then go to the day you want to copy to and select "Paste".

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    Thanks for those tips. Good ideas.
    But, copying "Diary" entries only pastes to other Diary dates? They do not copy in general? How can I make a list of foods to choose from for future days without remembering the last time they were used? Way too much fiddling to keep up the diary, needs better efficiency. I like the "Favorite Foods list, but cannot choose to add or delete from it.

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    Favorite foods is a great tool to use for this! To mark a food as a Favorite, click the star icon that appears to the left of the food name after clicking it in the food search results list. That food will now appear in the Favorites tab.

    To remove a food as a Favorite, simply navigate back to this screen and click the star again.

    Karen Stark
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    Thanks. This will help for sure

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