Feature Request: Reduce number of clicks to get to Add Foods > Favorites tab in Add Food to Diary

As a busy long-term user, I think that adding foods to my diary would be a lot faster and easier if I could see my Favorites list as the primary tab instead of the All foods list.

I rarely eat new or different foods that are not in my Favorites list at this point, and the extra mouse click is unnecessary.

Ways to do this:

  • Setting in food diary to change the Favorites tab to be the default tab
  • Shortcut icon (like a star) to access your favorites list
  • Just make it the default tab (I know that this is an empty state issue for first time users, but I think a cheery message to search for foods and add them to your favorites list covers it... Everyone knows how food diaries work by now)

Thoughts? Love this site.


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