Strava sync

Any way to force the Strava sync please? I can force the Apple Health sync by opening Apple Health (which I only use for heart rate) and then opening Cronometer on my iPhone. Withings syncs seamlessly without fail for my weight and body fat. However, the Strava sync is quite flaky. Mostly, my activities sync fine but sometimes they don't and I don't seem to be able to trigger the sync by opening Strava and then Cronometer either on my phone or MacBook. Sometimes they will sync several hours later and sometimes not, which makes planning my food intake really difficult. I've tried the inspect element > empty cache and hard reload route but no cigar. Today, it currently looks like I'm 666 calories over my budget despite the fact that I've done pilates and a bunch of Zwift rides.


  • Also, just to add that I've also tried revoking access and reconnecting but it makes no difference. Normally, it will eventually sync everything when I do a workout the next day but I did a workout and synced to Strava this morning and it's still not triggering an upload to Cronometer. I'm now missing 4 workouts from yesterday and one from today.

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