I would like Boron to be tracked in the Minerals section. Thanks!


  • Hi there!

    We don't have the Boron values for foods available in our data sources at this time. We would be happy to include them when we have this data though! Thanks for your request.


    Karen Stark
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  • Thanks Karen!
    There are a lot of Supplements on the market containing Boron.

    That's why I think it'd be useful to be able to track it.

  • @Karen_Cronometer even though your sources might not contain it, it is listed on many supplements. If we have to wait for your sources to include them, it may never happen because you are waiting on someone else - a 3rd party. A better approach would be that if a product lists a common nutrient, whether or not your sources include it, we should be able to track it. Doing this for CoQ10, Inositol, Boron, Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate and others would be helpful. I know some nutrients are fringe and perhaps debatable, but when something is commonly listed on supplements, I think it really should be able to be tracked.

  • Definitely still worth tracking other nutrients when you have the data :)

    If you'd like to track them now, you could create a custom biometric for each one. Then add the biometric to your diary when you take your supplements.
    Copy them to each day if you consume them regularly and don't want to save time entering in multiple biometrics each day.

    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • @Karen_Cronometer Thanks for the idea Karen. I wanted to share some idea I had myself as I applied yours incase it interests others. I had the idea to also create an "Annotation" biometric. Basically, when I create a Note, I will also create an Annotation biometric which tracks each time I make a note so I can see my notes charted chronologically. The reason this is relevant to this thread is I can create a general Trace Minerals biometric and then, if I change brands, I can make a Note and an Annotation of it. This will enable me to use a general Trace Mineral metric instead of a different one for each brand.

  • It’s been 3 1/2 years since this thread started. I was just checking if boron was already included in the app, but I can’t find it there. I’d love to be able to track boron, see how much boron is in foods using the Nutrient Oracle. It’s so essential for absorption of magnesium, for instance. It’s a really important substance in the prevention of osteoporosis and hyperparathyroidism, to name a few. Would you please include this in your app? It’s just not complete without it. If another app offers this, I may well change to use that app.

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