Foods consumed by time segment

I would like to see the foods I eat by time segments of the day.
This would be value to distribute meals throughout the day.

Before Bed


  • @jake58

    You can set your own custom diary categories. From the dairy tab, select the gear icon at the top right, then choose Diary Settings. Check the box beside Show Groups in Diary. From here you can edit the text of the categories, add additional categories, etc.


    Karen Stark
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  • @Karen_Cronometer

    I use this feature and also made a category for biometrics and activity so I could segregate's really a nice feature, but I notice when adding things on the computer I have to drag to the category I want, whereas on the app on my phone it gives me a choice in a drop down to add directly to the category I want . It's not hard to drag, but would be nice if when entering the food/activity on-line I could enter where I want it to become an issue later in the day when I have enough items with biometrics, activity and meals that I end up off the screen and then adding later food I have to drag part way and scroll the page down and drag the rest of the way - this may be just an issue for me that my whole diary doesn't fit on a page, I have poor vision and use the site at 150% size. Am I missing how to do this or could you submit as an enhancement (or tell me where to submit it).

  • You can determine the category you would like your entry to go into when you are using the Cronometer on your computer. First, select the category header, then when you add foods, exercise, biometric or notes they will go into the selected category. This might save you some time, as you won't have to re-organize the entries after you have entered them all in.

    Karen Stark
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  • Thanks - I knew there was probably a simple way and I just wasn't aware of it.

  • Is category feature available on the iPhone app?

  • Hi @jake58 , on your iphone, Go to your Profile, scroll down to settings, and choose diary settings. Select "Show groups in Diary" and then you can change the names of the groups from the defaults as you wish.
    If you have adjusted your settings on the computer to show diary groups, it should update your app version as well.

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