App miscalculating total recipe calories

Hello! This is my first time creating a recipe on my app, and I’m getting pretty frustrated by how it’s calculating the total calories in my full recipe as well as serving size calories.

I’m trying to make my keto ice cream recipe, and with the total calories combined (by my math), it’s no more than 3500 total calories.

however, Cronometer is saving it as over 35k calories.

the normal serving size for my recipe, which is about 8-10 tablespoons (depending on who is eating it), should calculate out to 75-100 grams. But Cronometer is showing that for one serving, it’s 3450 calories.... which is the total amount of the entire recipe.

what the heck am I doing wrong in my calculations? D:

below images: all ingredients with each screenshot showing their total calories, full recipe calories, and serving size calories.


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    Hi there MsJosie,

    Would you mind sending an email to support@cronometer.com? We would love to take a look at your recipe to investigate further.

    It looks like you have a couple of ingredients with an unknown weight in your recipe. This means that the software cannot accurately calculate your serving size in grams. Though the values seem to be out much more than that would account for.
    Could you try creating the recipe as a servings based recipe instead and see if you get the same values?


    Karen Stark
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    I am really frustrated adding a recipe and having it calculate into my diary correctly. I love the app but I need this to work can anyone help?

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