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I am brand new to Cronometer. Is there really not a way to simply see my remaining macros at a glance? Can't seem to discover how to do this.


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    Hi Steph,

    Your macronutrient targets show how much you have consumed/your target and the % of your target you have achieved. They don't show how many are remaining explicitly.

    Thanks for your feedback!


    Karen Stark
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    Showing 'Remaining' targets would be a great enhancement to this program. It would be on par with similar apps that I've looked at or tried like MFP, Avatar, Macrostax, RP, Trifecta, and many, many others. It seems easier to countdown the number of macros & calories than to count up to my target. I'd rather have the app do the math for me in calculating my remaining macros than for me to do the mental gymnastics to figure it out (bc we're all lazy). My subscription renewal is coming up at the end of summer and this is the one issue that makes me hesitant to pay for another year. It's that important to me.

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