charts messed up

Charts not what they say.
blood pressure chart shows weight loss
Blood count chart shows weight
GFR vs blood urea nitrogen chart blank.

These are way off
AND it is impossible to print a B/P chart that works with side labels. Charts are useless without references


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    Hi there Vonneb,

    Thanks for reporting this! Is your blood count chart a custom biometric that you created? It would be great if you could email us at support@cronometer.com so we could look into this further. We would like to know more details about when you created the metric, if you remove the chart in your chart settings and add it back in/refresh the page does it update with the correct information? We might have some more troubleshooting ideas if you can remember any other details about when you first noticed this.

    Thanks for your feedback about the chart labels. They are shown above the chart at the moment, but along each side of the graph would be more intuitive. You can also point your mouse at a point on the graph to get the data point value and units too!


    Karen Stark
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