Changes to Fasting

Two changes I'd like to see with fasting:

  • In the diary screen (web and mobile), I'd like to see the time to go before ending and scheduled end time displayed - now it's just showing elapsed time.
  • Starting a fast seems harder than it should be - with a default fast length set (say 16 hours) I want to be able to just start a "default" fast with one press. This can keep the scheduled fasts for when I want to do something different. I've used the Zero app for fasting before and I think the interface is perfect. I'd love it if Cronometer could work in a similar fashion.

Thanks for your consideration.


  • Great suggestions @scottsimpson I'll pass these along to the team.


    Karen Stark
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  • Also chiming in as I updated my membership to Gold just for the fasting feature. Pretty disappointed so far at the lack of customizing and the features revolving around it, but I'm able to MacGuyver a few things just so I can keep everything logged. I too wish there was just a simple start/finish option; would love to log hours that way. Or to swap from "time elapsed" to "remaining time left". I'm always usually on a 20:40, but it's annoying to choose between logging as a "repeat" fast and choosing to not worrying about time logs (i.e setting my 20:40 starting from 8pm-4pm, but I'll start and stop at different hours through the week due to circumstances), or if I want to know specifically when I started or stop, I have to customize hours and make a non-repeating fast every day which is annoying. Maybe I'm just not used to it yet, but for such a "simple" feature, I struggle to find a good groove like I did with Zero. I'm still going to continue logging my fasts in Zero until Cronometer adopts close to the same features, but it's at least nice to log what I can in the mean time. Was just expecting more from it being a "Gold member" feature only.

    As a side note, I absolutely *love* when other apps alert me of when my fast has finished/I've completed or passed my goal, and it'd be nice to maybe see a recognition for "streaks". I've always wanted this with logging entries per day too which was my favorite feature with MyFitnessPal. It made me really enjoy logging every day and seeing just how many days in a row I've logged, and getting a badge or congratulations on top of it helped with motivation. I would be so happy if these features eventually made their way to Cronometer. :)

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