Weight loss rates for larger people

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I am 145kgs at 5ft3 and I need to lose 2kgs a week, my Doctor agrees. Because I need to have surgery so I have to lose weight quickly.

When I first signed up I was able to choose 2kgs a week as my desired rate of weight loss. But now the targets tell me the most weight I can lose is 0.9kgs a week. How can I change it back to 2kgs per week?



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    Hi there HelenWA,

    Cronometer's weight goal options go up to 2 lbs/week or 0.9 kg/week.

    If you have discussed targets with your health care professional, I would recommend setting your weight goal to maintain, then customizing your targets using your values.

    You can customize your energy and macro targets by going to: Settings > Targets > Macronutrient Targets
    Set macro targets using: Fixed Values

    Best of luck with your health goals!

    Karen Stark
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