Custom Charts - Individual Foods

I want a chart that allows me to track the consumption of grams of individual foods - as opposed to individual nutrients. This is the reason: Not Cronometer, and not even the USDA database break down dietary fiber between insoluble and soluble. On Cronometer, I can track Dietary Fiber totals. But I find, for myself, that insoluble fiber intake yields far greater benefits than soluble. The primary individual foods that yield the highest percentage of insoluble fiber are wheat bran and corn fiber, 92% and 97% respectively. Mainstream opinion is all about the soluble fiber in oat bran, which is about 47% soluble fiber. I've never tried corn bran, which has about 2X the fiber of wheat bran! I'd like to try it, but there is only one retail seller of it called Honeyville and they are frequently out of stock. When I have used bran in the past, it has always been wheat bran, so I've begun using it once again. If a Custom Chart could be created that could track one's consumption of wheat bran, that would be one workaround since it's 92% insoluble fiber. https://www.prebiotin.com/prebiotin-academy/fiber-content-of-foods/#fiber_content8


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