I would like a Glucose:Ketone calculator built-in.

For those using it in Seyfried’s cancer starvation approach.


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    What's this?

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    It's a ratio of the blood glucose to ketones. By maintaining a low ratio it is hypothesized that cancer cell mitochondria can be weakened and potentially slow / stop metastasis. This is based on the Warburg finding that cancer cells are not able to utilize ketones for energy but go wild on glucose. Normal body cells are able to switch which fuel they use based on availability and need so are happy to burn ketones if there is no glucose available. Dr. Seyfried has resurrected this work and furthered the research. Here is the paper about the glucose:ketone index for a start. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25798181
    I have been using this daily for a month or so along with Cronometer to monitor and it keeps me focused and learning.

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    Hi @Nangar

    While we do not have this as a built in biometric at this time, you could enter the ratio as a custom biometric. Using the web version, from the diary tab, select Add Biometric, then select the green plus on the left to create your own custom biometric. After you have created your Glucose:ketones biometric, you will find it in the drop-down list to add it to your diary in the future.


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks. I'll do that. Hopefully it will be included in a future update, along with the ability to graph progress over time.

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