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I was thinking of switching from MFP to cronometer because I think MFP doesn't do a good job of tracking things like iron and calcium. However, I had a few beginners questions.

  1. Is there a way to scan something with the barcode scanner, and then get generic suggestions so that you can get more complete nutrition info? i.e. scan a pack of broccoli and then have the app suggest broccoli from the USDA etc.?
  2. I found there were some things the database didn't have - e.g. tenderstem broccoli. How commonly do you find that this happens for you?
  3. What do you do when the calories in the more nutritionally complete databases is lower than the calories on the food packet? For example, I had a pack of tofu, and I faced a choice of using the Community database, which had the correct calories, but very little micronutrient info, vs the "official" databases which had micronutrients but a lower calorie amount. Is there a way you can use the "official" database but manually "top up" the calories in your diary entry, or somehow combine database entries? What do you usually do in this circumstance? The only other thing I can see to do is to continue to use MFP for calories but use cronometer to get a better estimate of my micronutrients, but that sounds very time consuming.


  • Hi pianofossil,

    I can help you with #1 and #3!

    Many of brand name foods have suggested alternatives where our curation team found a generic food with better nutrition information. If there is an alternative suggested, you will see it in the add food screen, like this:

    Tap on the grey box to jump to the better alternative with more data.

    You can edit a copy of a food in our database if you want to use the better data and update a few values to match your package.
    Select the food you would like to edit, then tap on the menu in the top right corner.
    Select Edit a Copy.
    Make any edits you would like, then save a copy to your list of custom foods.

    I hope that helps get you started!

    Karen Stark
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    Also, you can edit and save a copy of a known database entry, and then use it as a custom food in your diary.

    For example, you can take the tofu entry you found that has the micronutrient data you like, edit it to display the changed number of calories (or other attributes) you want, and then save it as a custom food, labelling it as you like (for example, tofu XXX brand).

    This is really handy, especially for foods that you eat a lot and want to make their diary entries as accurate as possible.

    edit: Just read Karens' post, she explains it better than me. Think I'll read all comments before replying next time.. :p

  • Ok what happens if I don’t consume all the calories ? Will that hinder my weight loss? Also do y’all suggest to upgrade on the app for better results versus doing it free? I’m not understanding all the features. How do I know if I over did it on the fats? Or carbs?

  • I need help with this app. Someone call me 5043276762

  • This beginners is too detailed for me. I used to use this app fine, now I can't edit, find charts, add a weight watchers day. I can't find help either.

  • Hi Oddsocks,

    I'm happy to answer any questions you have here, or you can send us an email to: [email protected]! We've got a user manual too, if you like to read and see screenshots:

    Click on the Trends tab, then the Charts sub-tab. You can find some default charts there, including Calories Consumed (showing a breakdown of your energy coming from carbs, fat and protein), a biometric chart and a nutrient chart. For these last two, use the first drop-down list to select which biometric or nutrient you would like to view. You can also click on 'Manage Charts' at the top right of the page for more options, like creating your own custom charts.

    Karen Stark
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  • I want to track my weight, but I don't want it showing in my food diary every day. Is there a way?

  • Very New- finding this programme hard to use. Is it possible for me to cut and paste my daily diary to a word document so I can keep it for ever? Thanks.

  • Hi @Rieann welcome to Cronometer!

    Gold subscribers can generate reports which can include your diary and your notes. This would be a pdf format rather than a word document.
    Here are the steps:

    Go to the website
    Go to the Trends tab
    Go to the Print Report sub-tab
    Tick the Daily Diary box if you would like to print your diary for each day in the selected time range.
    Select Print Report

    Once the report has been created, you must click Print Report at the top of the page. Use your computer's Print settings to choose whether you would like to save it as a PDF or print a hard copy.

    Learn more about the Full Report here:

    Another option: all users can export the data into .csv format (Excel) by going to the Settings tab. In the Account tab, choose Export Data under Account Data. Choose a date range, then Export Servings.

    Karen Stark
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  • I've been trying Keto for inflammatory gut issues/IBS for about 3 months now and it has been the only thing that has dramatically improved it.I've been using Cronometer for about 10 weeks and it's been great, however I just watched a Youtube vid with the CEO of Cronometer, Aaron Davison, on Dr. Berg's channel. Aaron talked about the "Rigorous" Keto setting being more for people who have major health problems or need to lose weight dramatically. I am neither of these but have been trying Rigorous for about 3 weeks now. I have been unable to reach 100% Fat and I'm often 10-20% over my Protein allowances on the Rigorous setting. I've also probably lost 10 lbs and I don't really need to lose weight. My question is this: is there somewhere that tells me how to fine-tune my settings for my needs and body type? I'm feeling a lot better, but I still lack energy. What would you recommend to help me achieve the best settings for my needs? Thanks in advance. PS: AWESOME APP! :)

  • Hi Aktorman,

    Congratulations on making changes that have improved your health! We can't provide nutrition advice, but we do have other options in the Keto Calculator that might better suit your needs.

    There is a description of each setting in our user manual:

    One of the other presets might be a better fit. Or you could try a custom Keto setting. It sounds like you've already go some ideas to improve your settings from tracking so far: increasing total energy and protein, for example.

    Karen Stark
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  • I was considering trying the Gold option but nowhere doe it tell you what the cost would be once the trial is over. Anyone know how much?

  • A pop-up window often comes up showing you what it costs but here's the link:
    $39.99 U.S. per year is the cheapest plan.

  • Surprising a common smoothie is not in database. I couldn’t add Jamba Juice greens n ginger smoothie.. it keeps asking to enter serving weight multiple times. Can someone enter this ?

  • Hi! I have the gold version of Cronometer. Question regarding how it calculates my daily calories. I entered target macros in and have the app set to not adjust for exercise, but yet daily I see I am given more calories as the day progresses. Not a lot but upwards of 100-ish. What triggers that?

    Thanks and love the app!

  • Have you set energy settings to include TEF?

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  • Out of the three pie circle things at the top of the mobile app, the one on the right says remaining. Is that calorie deficit?

  • Remaining = Burned - Consumed

    On iOS, tap on the circle to see details.

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