Are you a Carnivore?

Are you a carnivore? For how long have you been a Carnivore?

Are you a Carnivore? 8 votes

Karen_CronometerCabernetTom 2 votes
I'm interested.
seemybeltbuckle 1 vote
I'm starting.
Wanderin_JackSdSunLuvit 2 votes
Just started.
I'm new.
JohnW 1 vote
I've been for a while.
oxfordoakcwevenson 2 votes
I've been for a long time.
I've been my entire life.
I've been fo 3.3 million years, I'm human.


  • I'm new.

    If you are interested in the Carnivore (zero carb) diet; read the book The Carnivore Code. I was keto and primal and before that raw and now carnivore. I've read more books on nutrition than can fit on my shelves anymore. I thought (read assume) that the carnivore diet was some type of madness, now I have come around to believe it is the best diet possible. This started with me reading Dr. Steven Gundy's "The Plant Paradox" and has escalated from there with eye popping revelations about the impractical nature of eating any plants whatsoever. I had people asking me what I thought of the Carnivore diet and, basically, dismissed it as a short term fad. I was wrong. Last night, for the first time in 15 years, I slept through the night. (I use an Oura ring to track my sleep and it showed me asleep the whole night.) N.B.: Lack of sleep cost me my $350K job and my marriage. I may have found a solution with this diet after, literally, 15 years of hell and trying every diet known to man. I spent hundreds on supplements every month and now I spend almost nothing. Look into for your health, your life and your sanity.

    Believe me when I say that I know you think a carnivore diet is crazy. I get it. I thought so too. But read the book and try it. Be skeptical but explore it. you may never be the same again -- in a very good way.

    Yes, I know about phytonutrients. Yes I know about sulforaphanes. Yes I know about antioxidants. Yes I know about the cannabinoid pathways. Yes I know about the need for vitamins and minerals -- almost everything known in fact. My knowledge is extensive as I have been studying nutrition and health for the last 8 years. In short, I've gone from raw vegetarian to carnivore and everything in between. This is the first lifestyle change that has long lasting results.

    If you want to get healthy and optimize your weight do the carnivore diet and intermittent fasting -- like 18 to 22 hours a day fasting. Eat as much nose to tail meat as you want but keep[ the fat content down -- your body, if you are overweight, will have the fat you need. You must, and I mean must, eat the organ meats to get all the nutrients you need. This includes liver, kidney, brain, and bone marrow. I eat Wellness Meats liverwurst to get most of that. I'm still not ready to eat these organs by themselves. I don't even know how to cook them.

    Eat pastured and wild animals only to avoid all grain fed animals and GMO. Pastured is very important as you will get omega-3 fats.

  • I did it for about 6 months last year, but I found that it just wasn't for me. Among other reasons, I enjoy the seasonal ritual of growing and eating plants too much to restrict myself to solely animal products. However, I do appreciate that it is has been a way of life for many people throughout history. It is truly amazing what the human body can do.

  • There are many reasons why I don't eat animals.

  • I've been for a while.

    I'm on Carnivore/lion because of autoimmune conditions developed as a result of overconsumption of high-oxalate foods. I love the ability to eat and not struggle with painful bowel movements, bleed and require constant medication to achieve regularity. Carnivore gives me my life back, but it has been trying because of the pushback in society believing I'm eating wrong. I do not understand how eating to feel good after eating can be considered flawed; it seems people want me to experience pain and bleeding from carb consumption.

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