Macros aren’t adding up to calories

My macros shown here add up to 2130 calories, but the app is showing 2271. Is there a reason for this? Something to do with my settings maybe?

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  • Hi alanad,

    We have more accurate estimates of the energy we can get from fats, carbohydrates and protein in foods than the averages. The average amount of energy we get from the macronutrients are: 9 kcal/g for fat, and 4 kcal/g for both carbohydrates and protein.

    The types of fats, carbs and proteins in a food can affect how much energy we can get, as well as what the food is made of.

    They will not add up to exactly your energy target because Cronometer uses the averages to calculate your targets.

    Karen Stark
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  • Thanks Karen, so it doesn’t use the averages or it does? What is more accurate than the averages? I should be at 2255 calories a day with 225g of carbs, but according to this I’d be going way over in my calories. So here it is showing:

    Protein: 165.1g (x4 = 660.4)

    Carbs: 204.5g (x4 = 818)

    Fats 72.4g (x9 = 651.6)

    The fact that it isn’t adding up is confusing to me

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