Average Weight By Week Date

I'd like to see a graph showing average weight by week ending date to help show overall weight loss/gain. The graph below is a chart that I created in Excel based on the weight data in Cronometer.

The article below called out the need to watch average weight per week given that weight can vary throughout the week without necessarily being a true picture of what is happening with a diet plan.


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    Existing Weight Graph using the raw daily data.

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    Hi DavidCHolley,

    You can add a trendline to your graph from the menu in the top right corner. This will show your rolling average.

    I'll pass along your feedback for having a weekly average graph too!


    Karen Stark
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    That's actually really useful. I didn't even know it was hidden away there. One suggestion I may add would be to be able to show that trend line on the Diary page as opposed to just on the trends tab.

    Another thing that might be nice is setting your significant digits for the trend. I don't really track my weight at a thousandths level, tenths is fine for my needs.

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    @Karen_Cronometer - Thanks. I added it. I'd still like to see weekly average. The chart that I did in Excel makes the trend much clearer and obvious. The Excel chart drives home visually that I'm headed in the right direction. Adding a trend to the existing weight chart does that somewhat. I think that sometimes its important for things to hit me upside the head with a crowbar to get me to come to my senses. The Excel chart did that and was quite encouraging.

    The weekly average will probably need to factor in if someone has weighed himself/herself multiple times given that weight can vary. I would probably do a min/max average to show the general range of weight using the minimum weight per day for the lower bounds and the maximum weight per day for the upper. That should solve the problem of multiple weighs.

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    If you add the trend line on weight chart on the trends tab, it is also added on the diary page (at least I think that's how I got it - it's been a while).

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    I'm not interested in the trend rather the average.

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    I would like to bring this back for consideration. Tracking weight daily iand averaging weekly is important for my clients. It would be nice if they didn't have to do that in a different app or spreadsheet. Ideally, the app would let them pick which day will be their averaging day and only show that trend in the chart.

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