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Dear all, I opening this multilingual thread (English, Spanish, French and Italian) for people that have hypertension issues or high blood pressure.

The aim of this space is two-fold:
1) to exchange our personal experiences regarding to nutrition, foods, and trainings that proved to be effective for us in quantitative terms. For example: improvements in consecutive blood test; arterial stiffness indexes; or aerobics goals reached after certain type of exercises.
2) to share concrete scientific info (scientific papers) that can be given to our cardiology doctor to discuss with regard to our particular state.

Obviously I speak in these 4 languages, but if you feel confident enough to write in English I encourage to do so in order to be readable for more people.

Best regards.


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    Hi again.
    My first two cents are related to lowering LDL cholesterol.

    Even if I have these very high levels for years while doing sports regularly, my doctors attributed it to a genetic predisposition. More than a year ago I started swimming regularly, like 800m or 1km three times a week. I imagined that the LDL would drop with this amount of extra activity... but in fact no, it even increased from a blood test 6 months earlier!
    With the COVID confinement, I could not swim anymore so I decided to modify my diet. Mainly I replaced most of red meat for fish such as, salmon, tuna, hake and others. I also did some home workout to stay in movement but was not the same level of effort, I noticed this when I had the opportunity to swim again in the Mediterranean... pools still complicated to use nowadays.
    After 6 months, a new blood test showed a diminution of LDL. Great! but still over the maximal threshold recommended.
    Below I write down my results for reference.
    Normal values in France: HDL>0.4g/L and LDL<1.3g/L
    10/2018 HDL=0.62g/L LDL=2.18g/L
    08/2019 HDL=0.61g/L LDL=1.67g/L
    01/2020 HDL=0.68g/L LDL=2.01g/L <-- swimming 3 times a week. Why?!
    07/2020 HDL=0.73g/L LDL=1.48g/L <-- after COVID confinement (change of diet)

    Now I am follow two clues. I am reading about to keep a balance between Omega 3 and 6, and the need of close monitoring D and K vitamin levels.

    Hope this helps,

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