Grouping Foods Together in Dairy?

How do you group a bunch of foods together in the diary, like one meal? I want to be able to change the time stamps on multiple foods. It is also kind of confusing to just have a list of foods with no way to break them up other than looking at the time stamps. It is strange that they would not format the app this way right off the bat.


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    Hi PlantMuppet,

    They are meant to be formatted that way as soon as you upgrade to a Gold subscription - sorry about that!

    You can turn on diary groups on the website by going to: Settings > Display > Diary Groups.
    Turn on the switch to show diary groups.
    You can also customize how many groups you would like to see, and their names here, as well.

    If you are using the mobile app, go to: Settings > General > Diary Settings > Show Groups in Diary.

    Karen Stark
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