Copy Recipes and then Edit/Rename

Would be nice to be able to copy a recipe and then edit the ingredients and rename it. Perhaps you made one and the next time you added one ingredient but you wanted recipe A and recipe B. Instead of recreating it by scratch it would be nice to have the copy feature


  • Hi Ryan,

    I think we have something that does what you are describing. On the website in the Foods tab, you can load a custom food or recipe by clicking on it in the list. Once you do that you can click the gear icon in the upper right of the screen and open an options menu. There is an option there called "Edit a Copy"

    If you click that option the app will create an exact copy of the food or recipe and you can edit it slightly like you described then save it as a separate item and log it to your diary accordingly.

    I'd post a picture, but we just updated our forums and I haven't figured out how to do that yet, lol.

    Hope that helps!



    Spencer D.
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  • @SpencerD_cronometer thanks! I was looking for it in the app, the web portion works.

  • @SpencerD_cronometer Great! I was looking for something such as this as well! Thank you! Thanks @ryan for asking!

  • By way of a follow-on question, let's say I create a copy of the flank steak item for 100g. I give it a unique name and save it. Now, let's say I edit that copy, and remove the water value ... I made jerky from the flank so all nutrients remain except the water ... and then I save it as a Flank Jerky item. A 100g serving of my Flank Jerky item should have higher nutrient values since, with the water removed, the nutrient density would be higher. Yet when I do this, and add 100g of the Flank Jerky to my Diary, the nutrient values are still the same. The water isn't there of course, but Cronometer still acts as tho it is since it shows a 100g item in the diary, and the nutrient values look the same as for 100g of the original flank steak item. If I tally up the nutrient weights, it comes to less than 100g a would be expected. How do I get Cronometer to see that the sum of the nutrients is less now that the water has been removed?

  • There is no check to make sure your nutrient weights add up to your serving size because there could be other components in the food that are not measured adding to the total weight of the food.

    Foods are treated differently than recipes, in that you are able to edit/enter any combination of serving sizes and nutrients. In a recipe, Cronometer calculates the weight of the food based on the total weight of the ingredients.

    Instead of creating a custom food and removing the water value, I would recommend creating a custom recipe. Add the flank steak as an ingredient and then add distilled water with a negative serving size. This will remove the water from the nutrients and adjust the total recipe weight according to the amount of water you removed.

    Karen Stark
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