Protein rates extremely high!!!!



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    The statement "Carbs are bad" is wrong and dangerous. Carbs are good; too many carbs will contribute to weight gain, but they're not "bad".

    The problem I have with Keto is that there's no point to it. You can lose just as much weight on a diet that doesn't effect your body so dramatically, and you can actually eat food you like. I tried it for about a minute but giving up pasta altogether is a dealbreaker. I don't like burgers without bread; ok, so I use 1 slice of rye bread instead of a big fluffy brioche bun when I'm dieting, but it's still 18 carbs. Add in the ketchup (no, I'm not doing Keto ketchup), onions and mushrooms and you're at 28 carbs. I like dark chocolate and red wine. If I have to give everything I like up, then I won't stick to the diet. And what's the point of being thin if you're miserable? Food matters, especially in a pandemic

  • Keto, for many people, works very well and then seems to stop working.
    It worked for me for about a year.
    It makes eating at restaurants and other peoples houses complicated and fussy
    I've found "Keto-ish" combined with intermittent fasting works very well.
    As an example; fasting from 8 pm to noon and having a first meal that consists of a whey protein and olive oil shake can drop a 1/2 pound.
    Fasting from 8 pm to noon and doing a weight workout at 11 am followed by a whey protein and carb shake (the carbs spike insulin so the protein goes to muscle cells) can drop a 1.5 lb's.
    Best is to just not be too dogmatic and find out what works for YOU

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    @DrBlair >>Don’t just slavishly follow THE Expert<< Sounds to me as if that is exactly what you are doing. At the risk of repeating myself I have an average 130 to 150g protein a day up to 30g carbs and the rest fat of which about 50% is saturated. I am 73, I walk around 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours a day and in the summer months I am in the garden constructing sheds, hard standing, moving tons of materials etc, mowing, trimming etc. I don't do any "workouts". We were not designed for them in my opinion. Hard labour, a good walk and the occasional burst of speed are all that is needed.

    I have the occasional 'cheat day' but I don't need to feel they are damaging and anyway ones weight goes up and down daily regardless. Eat more carbs retain more water, drop the salt a day or so and you may retain more. Faecal load also contributes to weight and the type of food you eats contributes to that. The body scales are a nonsense as they cannot be specific to you personally since they have to deal with all types and sizes. If you want to track weight cronometer does that, as does a pen and a piece of paper, and from my point of view at least it is not punishing myself if I take my weight every day, neither do I feel guilty if it goes up. In fact it is more interesting to work out why it goes up and down that to worry about the fact that it does.

    You said: >>It's also a great idea to note all your food and booze for each day on the line of the spreadsheet where you recorded your weight. << That my friend is why we use Cronometer.

  • Blah blah blah

  • @DrBlair A response somewhat unbecoming of someone of your age. It is a shame you are unable to see other points of view, even if you do not agree with them.

  • You don't have a point of view

    Just unexamined dogma

  • Obviously you lack understanding of the word dogma since that is what you are preaching by following the teachings of just one expert. I look at all points of view on the subject and they do vary and it is not my place to say which is and which is not 'correct'. Far from not having a point of view I obviously have a very clear one and it most certainly is not-unexamined however I am not going to go into all the details here as I have no doubt I will get another unintelligent reply.

    Since you don't use the program may I ask why you fell it necessary to come onto our forum and peddle your blinkered view as if it is the only one? On seconds thought I don't think I wish to know.

  • Everyone's body is different. I've done low carb, slow carb, keto and calorie counting and they all can either work or not work depending on how you understand your feedback. There's certainly no case for arguing that there's just 1 way to go.

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