Calorie Banking

This would be an incredible feature. Scenarios below:

I have a dinner party on Saturday and want to bank up an extra 500+ calories by saving 100 a day Mon-Fri.

On Tuesday I work out alot but not hungry, yet ravenous on Wednesday and want to eat my Tuesday calorie leftovers.

On Thursday end of day I overeat and go to bed. Ability to work it off over the weekend so it balances by Monday. Aka atonement.


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    Hi there,

    Ooooh this sounds cool.

    The Nutrition Report gives you the option to view your nutrition averaged over a specified time range. For example, on Saturday you can view your Nutrition Report and see how many calories on average you ate Monday-Friday and what your average calorie deficit would be. Are you thinking of showing the total deficit for that time range too? Then you could say, "I'm 500 under this week and have an extra 500 for my dinner party"

    Then you look at the Nutrition Report on Sunday for Monday-Saturday you could see if you evened it out.

    Karen Stark
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    Karen....yes! Seeing the exact deficit would be helpful. Averages aren't helpful in this scenario. Thank you!

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    Is this something Cronometer is considering? The Nutrition Report shows an average and I'm looking for exacting numbers. Currently I have an excel sheet on my phone home screen that I enter in the daily calorie+/- so I can see where I'm at for the week.

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    I'd like to bump this request. I'd love to see a calorie bank as an optional feature that can be turned on as desired.

    In a tool I used for many years (which became unmaintained well over a decade ago), there was a calorie bank: if I under-consumed on a day, the remaining calories would be placed in my bank. If I over-consumed on a day, the bank would decrease by the amount of over-consumption.

    The psychological effect of this cannot be overstated: knowing that I'd done a really good job adhering to my calorie budget for a week, and perhaps banking a few extra calories per day, allowed me to freely have an extra snack (or a beer) on the weekend without concern of "breaking my diet". It was incredibly helpful for both keeping on track and getting some relief from the discipline.

    Over the long haul, it all evened out, and I ALWAYS lost weight exactly in the time frame I desired with the help of this bank.

    I'm really happy to be using Cronometer - it's the first tool that I've been able to use in the same, truly effective way since that previous tool's demise. Adding a feature like this would absolutely be icing on the cake. (And then I could occasionally eat some of that cake without guilt. ;-)

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