Weekly Challenge Oct 12, 2020

Anyone up for a weekly challenge? I don't see anything else on here maybe there's other's that comment elsewhere? I set a goal to lose 1.5 lbs this week (It's realistic)...how about you? Any goals to meet by next Monday?


  • I don't set weekly goals, but I do have a dry erase board in my living room where I set monthly goals. Sometimes my fitness goal is weight related, and sometimes it's performance related. I also use it to set monthly financial goals. I find that even if I fall short sometimes, my overall progress is right on track. It's a great tool.

  • Ok goail oriented Haildodger...so what's on your dry erase board this month?

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    This months fitness goal is to weigh 196 Lbs by Oct. 30th. Last Friday I hit 197.6 Lbs so I'm on track to surpass it this month. Generally speaking though, I try not to run too much of a calorie deficit even when my goal is weight loss.

  • This isn't for me, but I do applaud your efforts and hope you find others to pursue your objectives with. It's an excellent way to maintain adherence. Good luck!

  • 20 views and no comments? Hmmm... I thought I would get more of a response from people goal oriented enough to track. Hello? OO..OO..OO..Oo..Oo..00..o.o.?

  • Half pound down for the week. I would like it to be more, but it was the goal. Hoping for better results this week with the extra planning.

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    Grats! I managed to hit 196.6 Lbs this past Friday. I reduced my workout frequency by 50% for the next two weeks to allow my body to recoup a bit more, seeing as I'm ahead of schedule for this months goal.

  • Way to go Haildodger ! 2 weeks early ! Should be an easy move to your goal ! Can't wait to see you hit it !

  • Just remember that you can't control your weight, only your behaviours. If you're hoping for a certain weight outcome, it's important to take stock of food intake and activity to determine where calories can be lowered/activity increased.

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  • I hit 195.5 Lbs this week, and I have one more week of de-load before ramping my workouts back up to normal intensity next week.

    Consistency is king in achieving anything worth while. Setting incremental goals is a powerful tool to keep you consistent. Even if you fall short of a goal, you're still progressing in the right direction.

  • YEA !!! You even cut back. The scale EASILY shows a 1 lb difference for me between one day and the next. It's GREAT when it's going down but SO disheartening when it goes back up. As long as it stays within range for the week I try to stay positive. Great for you on surpassing your goal early. What are you doing to lose?

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    What are you doing to lose?

    The short answer is running a caloric deficit of about 3500 per week (500 per day).

    The long answer is I'm diligent about weighing everything. I've been calorie counting consistently for over a year now. If I want to move from maintenance to a deficit, I reduce my intake based on how much I want to lose. 3500 calories is roughly equivalent to one pound of body weight. I usually base my intake off of what my weight scale trend is telling me, and not chronometers' caloric goal; Theirs is just a generic guideline. If my goal is a one pound per week loss I reduce my intake by 500 calories per day (3500/week), and give it time to work. If I make changes, I'll stick with it for a few weeks and then makes adjustments if required. It's also important that if you weigh yourself daily, that you ignore your daily weight and focus only on your seven day average, due to fluctuations.

    I prefer to maintain my deficit through exercise, so even when I'm running a deficit my caloric intake is quite high. I'm a short guy, and I'm currently consuming 1900-2200 calories per day. Which is about 600-900 calories daily over what cronometer suggests.

    My TDEE doesn't vary much. I lift to failure three days per week (90 minutes per workout), do cardio once per week (1/2 hour), and work five days per week (40 hours) on average. My cardio is currently on hold, and as I mentioned above I'm currently in a de-load on my lifting.

  • Well it's obviously working. Thinking I have to up my activities as my calories are already as low as they should be.

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