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Not everyone that uses Cronometer has consistent access to wifi or cellular service (such as outside of the US), and I'd love to be able to seamlessly use Cronometer without being online.

I would like the app to save offline foods I've used before, recipes I created, and meals I've had so that I can log my calories and see my nutritional information when I have no internet connectivity.

I'm back to using LoseIt, which has this kind of offline functionality. I would much rather use Cronometer.


  • Offline Functionality is really needed. When I was snowbirding in the Arizona desert last winter I had no access to Cronometer, I didn't track my calories, and gained weight as a result. Next summer I am taking a long trip to Alaska and will have long stretches of time without Internet. This is a great tool but Internet coverage is not a given.

  • Hi Redtaco99,

    We can appreciate how offline functionality can help keep you on track when you don't have access to the internet. We have this on our list of feature requests, if we are able to incorporate an offline version in the future.


    Karen Stark
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  • Thank you Karen. I'm glad to see that it is on the list of feature requests.


  • Any news on this? I've seen the comments about not being able to store databases, but haven't seen any official comments on why we can't see our diaries or custom recipes in an offline mode.

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    I agree. It would be great if it could cache a few things. If it kept a local copy of all your custom food and recipes, and the last 50, 100, 200? things you have eaten, that would cover most bases. If you know you are going off network, you could even scan labels in advance to make sure you had a cache of them.

    Alternatively or as well, some sort of offline mode where you could add things entirely manually, entering all the data off a label, recipe or your best guess. You could leave those entries as they are when you got back online, or replace them with more accurate version from the databases.

    (I don't personally need this at the moment, but often I have network issues and it would be nice if it didn't need to access the network everytime I enter the things I eat every day)

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    I would also love to be able to enter items offline then have the app sync up later. Right now I'm on (a very crappy) satellite connection, so even if I'm online, attempting anything with the app sends me to the now dreaded "Loading" screen. I often have to wait up to 30 seconds for the Loading even though I haven't entered any new information. I appreciate that the app isn't storing tons of data on my phone but storing the last 5 days or so along with my Favorite Foods would be great.

  • This is another bit of functionality that I occasionally miss from MFP. If my internet access was as unreliable as @kijh describes, I would not have switched because of the lack of an offline mode.

  • Any progress on this one?

  • Any progress on this one?

  • I notice that this discussion started more than 3 years ago, is there any progress on this? It is a feature that is very much needed.

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