Add offline functionality

Not everyone that uses Cronometer has consistent access to wifi or cellular service (such as outside of the US), and I'd love to be able to seamlessly use Cronometer without being online.

I would like the app to save offline foods I've used before, recipes I created, and meals I've had so that I can log my calories and see my nutritional information when I have no internet connectivity.

I'm back to using LoseIt, which has this kind of offline functionality. I would much rather use Cronometer.


  • Offline Functionality is really needed. When I was snowbirding in the Arizona desert last winter I had no access to Cronometer, I didn't track my calories, and gained weight as a result. Next summer I am taking a long trip to Alaska and will have long stretches of time without Internet. This is a great tool but Internet coverage is not a given.

  • Hi Redtaco99,

    We can appreciate how offline functionality can help keep you on track when you don't have access to the internet. We have this on our list of feature requests, if we are able to incorporate an offline version in the future.


    Karen Stark
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  • Thank you Karen. I'm glad to see that it is on the list of feature requests.


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