App Unusable Now

Has anyone noticed the app is recently so incredibly slow at doing everything that it's next to unusable now? It takes 15 seconds to launch, 10 more before I can press any buttons, 20 seconds to search for a food, nearly a whole minute to finally add it. Every. Single. Food. Every. Time.


  • Sorry to hear it's been so slow for your lately. Could you send us an email at We'd love to get some more information from you: what version you are using, what device you have, etc.


    Karen Stark
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  • Yeah, I've been noticing this recently too. I think since the latest Android system update. I'll send an email to support with some details and see if I can run up some logs too.

    Frustrating because it's otherwise such a good app

  • Update: I think I might have fixed it by granting access to all permissions, previously permissions we're set to Camera-only (no access to files or fitness tracking data)

  • It's been extremely slow for me lately, too.
    oppo ax7
    color os v5.2
    android 8.1.0
    Web version, too, for that matter.

  • Second Update: the slowness came back, deleting cache and local files fixes it for like 10 minutes. I had notifications enabled in Cronometer, but had blocked Cronometer notifications in my Android system settings. Turning Notifications off in both system settings and Cronometer settings, and disabling Cronometer from sending data in the background seems to have fixed my slowdowns for now.

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    I had notifications enabled in Cronometer

    Even if you disable notifications in Cronometer, it will still issue the "Log food" notification if you're doing IF and haven't logged anything by noon. The team is aware of this.

    Anyway, I also keep getting the "Sorry, this is taking longer than usual" message.

    Cronometer team, I know there's release schedules and stuff, but can we please have a hotfix for this? If every user wastes 5 minutes per day on this, and only 1/3 of the 3.5 million users run into this issue, that's five million minutes wasted every day. That's over three thousand person-days collectively wasted every single day by the Cronometer user base.

  • I am experiencing this, was there ever a fix?

  • I've been having this problem for months...20-25 seconds to clear a screen. And this thread is 2 years old

  • Same problem, 2 1/2 years later.

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