Magnese content in Matcha Powder

edited November 2020 in General Discussion

So the generic Matca Powder listing does not list Magnese contents of the food item, but the generic Green Tea, Brewed listing does list a large portion of Magnese. Given that Matcha Powder is just ground Green Tea wouldn't it follow that everything in Green Tea is also in Matcha Powder, including Magnese?

I worry about this because with my Turmeric, Paprika and Curry blend spices -- along with the rest of my diet (quinoa, kale, chard, Kashi golean original, cauliflower, broccoli, eastern oyster, bok choy and chia seeds -- all high in magnese to the point of 8.4mg/day not including any from matcha green tea powder) I could potentially overdose Magnese if Mathca Powder has as much magnese, or more, as brewed Green Tea. i have about 2 cups per day of the green tea powder currently. So, I need to find out so that I can adjust my diet to avoid magnese overdose/toxicity.

The Brewed Green Tea listing shows 0.4mg of magnese per cup. So if Matcha powder is more than that, i could be in a little bit of trouble. Any help is appreciated.


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