Make target setting changes forward looking and not retrospective.

Currently, unless I am mistaken, if you apply a target change it applies right back to year dot. My earliest entry show a net carbs target of 25g which is my current target but back then as I was getting going it was 40g.

This actually means that if you do a long term nutrition report the whole report is based on your current targets regardless of whether these were in force at the time. I do realise this adds a complication as it is not then possible to do a straight average but the current system is not accurate.

For a 6 months report I am showing 137% of my carbs, 101% of my fat, 91% of my protein and 102% of my energy. (-50 daily average) Currently my weight loss target is 0.5. If I change that to 0.7 which is where it was originally I get -299 over budget each day and that obviously is not the case.

In reality the targets are not relevant to an overall report, especially over an extended period where they have been changed. I would prefer to see the values for each day retained for that day so that when you change a target it does not retrospectively affect days.If you change your targets, which you do as you are getting into this and getting thinner, then you cannot look back and see how you have improved. I would be quite happy to see the targets for kcal, carbs, fat and protein removed from the nutritional analysis, or at least have the facility to remove them as the only relevant figures are the averages of micronutrients, not macronuitrients.

If I switch my settings to 'maintain weight' then instead of being -50 in the budget I am 449 under budget each day and all I have done is change a setting. I could not have been that much under budget since I was 32kg heavier at the start.


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