Application on phone vs. website on computer

I downloaded the Cronometer app for my iPhone to scan barcodes and enter food on the go and am using the website on my computer for the majority of my use. Not all of the food that I entered today is visible in the phone application, but they are both getting the information from my Fitbit and scale. Any ideas?


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    Hi Chrystal,

    The diary groups are collapsible on the mobile app - are the foods maybe hidden in there? If you tap the diary group so the chevron on the right points up, this will expand the group and you can see all the foods logged there.

    Next step: double-check that you are logged into the same account on both the website and mobile app.

    If you're still not seeing foods on the mobile app send us an email at: support@cronometer.com and we can help!

    Karen Stark
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    I've occasionally seen a delay in syncing between phone and website when switching back and forth quickly. On the website it is easy to force a reload of the page to sync up; on the phone I tend to switch days in the diary then switch back and the current day's entries get reloaded.

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    Karen and Robartsd, thank you both for your replies. I just needed to sync my Fitbit to it's app and refresh the Cronometer website on my computer when things don't add up. Thanks again for your help. This program is amazing and I am seeing results immediately!

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