How to add already created custom biometrics to Library under Trends section?

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I created several custom Biometrics. I can see them and add them on the diary. But when I look at the trends section I only see 1 of my custom biometrics,not all of them. How do I add them to visibly show in Trends? Apart from the one I don’t see them anywhere in that section.

Also, can we edit custom biometrics?

Ps, I love the custom biometrics. You can even add emojis to them. 🙂

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  • Hi butterfly!

    Your custom biometrics are added to the list in the 'single biometric' chart.
    Click the first drop-down menu to see the full list to choose from:

    If you'd like to have each biometric in its own chart to view in the Trends tab, you can do that too!
    Click Manage Charts at the top of the page, then Add Custom Chart.
    Select biometric from the first drop-down list, then under Set Left Y-Axis, select one of your custom biometrics.
    Save your chart and it should automatically be added to your Charts tab.
    Revisit the Manage Charts section if you would like to change which charts are displayed.

    Karen Stark
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