Why can't I add a repeating daily food entry?

I have several food items that I consume daily.
Ex: ZenBasil seeds, ground flaxseed, broccoli sprouts.

It feels like a waste of time to have to add these each day to my food diary.

Via search, I see requests for this feature as far back as 2017.

Are you ever going to implement it?


  • Thanks for your request! Until we are able to develop this feature, I would recommend making a recipe out of the foods you usually eat. Then, you can add the recipe to your diary in one go, rather than adding each item individually.

    If you need to make any changes to portion sizes or remove any of the items, 'explode' your recipe and make changes on the fly.

    That will save you some time!

    Karen Stark
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  • Another way is to right click on a previous entry and select "View/Edit Selected Food" and then to Favourite it by clicking the Star icon next to it's name. It will then
    appear in your favourites list under "Add Food".

    Yet another option is to right click a previous entry and and select "Copy Selected Items" and then paste it to your current day. Some of these features may be Gold membership related. I'm not 100% sure what is available to free members.

  • @haildodger: all those features work in the free version of the Android app, and probably on the web too.

    Problem is, it's still pretty cumbersome to copy entries. The most common action you'd want from a food is "Copy to today", but on Android, that's not an option. You need to:

    • navigate back to the day you want to copy from
    • swipe the food right (there's no long-tap context menu)
    • copy
    • go to today
    • tap the vertical ellipsis menu ("Paste" is not in the "+" menu to add foods)
    • choose Paste
  • this feature would be so useful! If you could built it into the daily targets, that would save us a ton of time!

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