Why can't I add a repeating daily food entry?

I have several food items that I consume daily.
Ex: ZenBasil seeds, ground flaxseed, broccoli sprouts.

It feels like a waste of time to have to add these each day to my food diary.

Via search, I see requests for this feature as far back as 2017.

Are you ever going to implement it?


  • Thanks for your request! Until we are able to develop this feature, I would recommend making a recipe out of the foods you usually eat. Then, you can add the recipe to your diary in one go, rather than adding each item individually.

    If you need to make any changes to portion sizes or remove any of the items, 'explode' your recipe and make changes on the fly.

    That will save you some time!

    Karen Stark
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  • Another way is to right click on a previous entry and select "View/Edit Selected Food" and then to Favourite it by clicking the Star icon next to it's name. It will then
    appear in your favourites list under "Add Food".

    Yet another option is to right click a previous entry and and select "Copy Selected Items" and then paste it to your current day. Some of these features may be Gold membership related. I'm not 100% sure what is available to free members.

  • @haildodger: all those features work in the free version of the Android app, and probably on the web too.

    Problem is, it's still pretty cumbersome to copy entries. The most common action you'd want from a food is "Copy to today", but on Android, that's not an option. You need to:

    • navigate back to the day you want to copy from
    • swipe the food right (there's no long-tap context menu)
    • copy
    • go to today
    • tap the vertical ellipsis menu ("Paste" is not in the "+" menu to add foods)
    • choose Paste
  • this feature would be so useful! If you could built it into the daily targets, that would save us a ton of time!

  • @Karen_Cronometer


    Come on this is a simple Template, very much like a Recipe (though NOT), but automatically explodes on insertion. It' mostly written, copy and paste. This should be easy!

  • I would be VERY happy to have this feature. I don't think is hard to implement and I know it would attract more people and make many current Cronometer customers willing to stay.

  • Agreed, add it to the paid only version if you like, but please add it.
    The more work tracking information is for the user the more likely a person gives up and then ends up lapsing the sub. I have a coffee everyday amongst other things so repeating items would be great.

  • FYI: for gold members, we are now beta testing this feature. I found it while looking at my custom settings. BUT... it doesn't actually function as I assume many would like. Here was my feedback on the original post about the Beta feature.

    I was excited to see this feature added. But it appears it does not populate until that day? So it is essentially useless for planning out the week. Please update it so that if we set a repeat food it loads all future dates.

    For example: I plan out 4-5 days in advance-- I have my tea, vitamins and pre-workout set as repeat items. All these have fat, carbs, and proteins. I cannot fully meal plan if these standard items do not load in advance.


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    That is great news that at least it’s in beta! How do you access it?

    I am a gold member also

  • I only see it on my computer— click on foods and then you see Repeat Items. It doesn’t show on the app

  • Same, I like the feature but needs to be in the app as that’s where I enter most days data.

  • I see it’s in the app now, good work Cronometer team.
    Now onto a diary search feature ;)

  • This is working in the phone app for me as well, Pixel 7 Pro. I see one has to populate the repeating items day by day.

  • Hi Crono users! Thanks so much for the feedback! We do plan to continue improving this feature, so we'll keep note of the thoughts mentioned above. We appreciate it!

    Here's some more info on the repeating foods feature: https://cronometer.com/blog/repeating-food/

  • Also working on laptop, Win10, Chrome

  • I've been working with the repeat option and I notice that the banner at the top of the diary - it alerts a person to click and populate the diary with the repeat items - does not show up for quite some time (hours?) each day. I have the items set to a very early time of day, 3:30 am, but the banner did not show up until about 7:00 am. Shouldn't the banner populate at the time I set for the repeat items?

  • It should be there from midnight in theory.

  • I've reported this to the support email address.

  • This is very minor but I'd love if the repeat food actually entered the diary in chronological order (if using timestamps). I have some daily stuff set to enter at 11 PM, when I hit "log food" it just sticks it in around the top (not always the first entry though). That's probably more of an issue with how timestamps work in general but more "noticeable" with this new feature.

  • Kika, I'd like chronological order as well. There's a great trick though, in case you're unfamiliar with it, which is that you can drag and drop the food items to anywhere else. Drag to different meal and/or drag to a new order within a meal. Super helpful. You can do this on a computer as well as in the App.

  • Yea, I know all about the drag and drop! It's great; it would drive me nuts if I couldn't reorder things "properly". I know that's my hangup but it's a wishlist item for it to just "fix itself" when inserting something with a time is all. :)

  • We introduced a 'sort entries by time' functionality a few weeks ago which may help accomplish what you're looking for, Kika.

    Added the ability to 'Sort All Entries By Time'. We've added the ability for Gold users to sort their diary entries by time. This will organize your diary entries in chronological order based on the timestamp. Tap the ⋮ menu in the top right corner and click on 'Sort All Entries by Time'.

  • Thanks! I completely missed that that was added, exactly what I was looking for! :D

  • Awesome, glad to hear it!

    For future reference, you can find info on all of our latest releases and updates on this blog: https://cronometer.com/blog/cronometer-updates-whats-new-improved/

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