Raw or cooked ingredients when adding a recipe

Recipes are generally written with raw ingredients and then instructions for cooking are given. When adding a recipe to Cronometer, shall I do the same? Or will Cronometer count those ingredients as raw, which will change nutrient content.


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    Hi CheriJ,

    Cronometer will count the nutrition for the raw ingredients when you add raw foods to your recipe. There's a good thread here with a discussion of how to address how to track cooked recipes: https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/182/

    Karen Stark
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    edited April 12

    When adding a recipe to Cronometer, it's important to consider whether the ingredients should be entered as raw or cooked to accurately reflect the nutrient content.
    If your recipe includes cooking instructions, you can choose to enter the ingredients as raw initially and then adjust them based on the cooking method used. Cronometer calculates nutrient values based on raw ingredients, so accounting for cooking methods is crucial for accuracy.
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