what is "New Exercise" switch option in the ADD EXCERCISE form?

This seem to be added recently.

What is "New Exercise" switch option in the ADD EXCERCISE form?


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    Hi there,

    We updated the Add Exercise design. You get more information and options when adding exercises to your diary (calories burned and the intensity), there are fancy icons for the exercises AND you can add custom exercises on the mobile app!

    Karen Stark
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    Yeah, but it seems from the new interface you removed general activities. This seriously degrades it, makes calorie tracking completely useless, as most difference comes from general activities. Even just the amount of time you are awake can vary greatly from day to day, which changes the daily total, so I log all activities while awake, whether typing at the computer, cooking or driving a car. If this is gone, there is no point in the calorie feature at all, as this is where the majority of the calories are spent.

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    Are there any guidelines? For instance, in general walking, it's light, moderate, hard, - how do you know what this means? The old way of mph and with any grade was at least a little more accurate I would think.

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    Now if it could only remember which category it goes into .....

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