Target range instead of single value for fixed macro targets

I use the fixed macro targets. I'm finding having a single value for a target encourages unhealthy fixation on hitting the exact number (e.g. "oh no, carbs are 2% over so the day is totally botched!").

Would love to be able to define fixed target ranges for each macro (and total calories) and see that on the diary. It would be less stressful to see that the day is within some reasonable tolerance rather than seeing deviance from a single target value.

Example of setting targets:

Example of displaying target ranges instead of single target value (this could obviously be much better UI, just showing concept):


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    You can set a range for your energy and macronutrient targets!
    Click on those targets in the diary page to edit the values you would like to use.

    The percentage shown in your target bar will be calculated using the Daily Target value. The bar is highlighted red (like your Carb target above) only if you've exceeded the Maximum Threshold value. This might be a bit subtle. I'll pass along your UI feedback to the design team!


    Karen Stark
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    Ah, gotcha! Subtle enough I didn't discover it, anyway; I had found that dialog but thought the "Maximum Threshold" was intended more for a maximum healthy value, not a target range.

    That mostly takes care of it. I still think it would be useful to see in the diary view a visual indication of how much is wiggle room is left in the range rather than just subtle visual feedback once you've gone over the upper end of the range.

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