Tracking more than one person.

Is there any way to track more than one person at a time. I am the primary cook in the family and it would be much easier to be able to track both me and My wife on my phone. She already has the Cronometer on her phone but I don’t always have access to it while planning our meals. Any suggestions?


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    Hi RobH,

    Each Cronometer account is separate, so you won't be able to access your wife's account through yours.

    You can create recipes from the meals you prepare and add your wife as a friend so that she can add the recipes to her diary too. I do this with my partner. I name the recipes using the current date, and sometimes they include multiple meals (we eat mostly the same things everyday, since we're both home during the day during the pandemic). He adds them to his diary, then 'explodes' the recipe to make any adjustments to serving sizes that he needs. Others might have other ways to do it that works well too!

    You can add friends by going to: Settings > Sharing > +Add Friend.
    Enter in the email address your wife uses for her account. She will get a notification of your friend request via email, or she can go to the Sharing tab on her account to accept your request. Then she will be able to search for your custom recipes and foods when she adds foods to her diary.

    Karen Stark
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    You they really ought to develop husband and wife joint accounts that can share meals and events. I would definitely pay a premium for that.

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