So lost on the calorie budget.

I know this question has been asked multiple times but I’m still completely lost. I don’t have that purple box, not sure if that’s an old version or what. Should I be looking for a negative number at the end? Or is the number saying I have 247 calories to burn. Please help me understand. What am I “over”?


  • It means you have 247 calories left to eat for the day. Burned is a confusing term. The circle (kcal) means total calories you can have for the day with whatever settings you put in based on height/ weight/age. The purple is how many you have gone through aka "burned" which also includes your deficit( which is what they subtract based on your weight loss goals. Yours is -998). If you were just trying to maintain your current figure/weight there would probably be little or no deficit subtracted.

  • ok. So I other words, as long as my kcal, the circle, stays in the negative? I should be losing weight?

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