iPhone app Nutrition Report differs from Diary for vitamins

On the Diary page, my 250mg Magnesium vitamin shows correctly as 250mg out of 420mg, but when I view the Nutrition report, it's showing as 35.7mg out of 420mg


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    Hi there!

    The Nutrition Report averages your intake over the time range selected; are there any days in the range where you didn't log, or had a lower magnesium intake?

    From the Trends tab, tap on the three dots menu in the top right corner, then select Report Settings. You can select a new date range, or show what kind of days are displayed:
    All - averages your intake for all days in the range
    Non-empty - does not include days where there is nothing logged in your diary
    Completed - you can mark each day in your diary complete using the diary menu. Displaying completed days will only include the days you have marked complete.

    Karen Stark
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    I only started using the app last night so today is the first day logging. I was wondering if it was taking a weekly average, it was confusing because the amount is calculated from the total for the week yet the "out of" is the daily total (so it 35.7/ 420mg) (2nd # probably should be 2940mg but indicate it's the week)
    Yet daily stat is 250/420mg

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