[Bug] "Most recent" search doesn't sort recent foods to the top

edited February 2021 in Beta Testing

My first beta bug report, for the Android app:

  • search for a food that was recently had, with "Most recent" checked
  • notice that several of the top results were never had.

In the screencast, I'm searching for "string cheese". Out of the top 6 results, I never had 4 of them - #1, #2, #4, and #5. I've only had #3 and #6, and these should show up at the top.

The justification is simple - the best predictor when searching for a food, is that the food was previously added. People like to eat the same things, they have more than 1 thing in the fridge/pantry etc.

I don't see the utility of placing strange items at the top of the search results, so I guess this is a bug rather than intentional. Not to mention that those two I've had (#3 and #6) were also favorited.

Hope this helps!


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