[Bug] "Most recent" search doesn't sort recent foods to the top

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My first beta bug report, for the Android app:

  • search for a food that was recently had, with "Most recent" checked
  • notice that several of the top results were never had.

In the screencast, I'm searching for "string cheese". Out of the top 6 results, I never had 4 of them - #1, #2, #4, and #5. I've only had #3 and #6, and these should show up at the top.

The justification is simple - the best predictor when searching for a food, is that the food was previously added. People like to eat the same things, they have more than 1 thing in the fridge/pantry etc.

I don't see the utility of placing strange items at the top of the search results, so I guess this is a bug rather than intentional. Not to mention that those two I've had (#3 and #6) were also favorited.

Hope this helps!


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    Prior threads on this issue, since the forum doesn't find similar ones:

    How I see this issue as a software developer: among search results with similar rankings, the items that the user has ever had, should be at the top, and ones they never had (but still do match) should be sorted after. In practical terms, that means increasing the weight for an item's recency. Probably this means changing exactly one number in the code. Not even one line, but one number.

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