Omega 3 quantity reflection in general nutrients/lipids for Krill oil.

I started consuming Krill oil which is very reach in Omega 3, however, that is not reflected/correlated in the General Nutrients/Lipids... Why is this? I tried entering various listed Krill oil caps and they all behave in the same manner when it comes to the listed Omega 3 quantity. Thanks!


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    Hi USG,

    We don't have krill oil in our database from a lab-analyzed source, unfortunately.
    The branded ones we have include the nutrition information provided by the manufacturer. Many of them do have omega-3 values listed though some may not have included the omega-3 values on the label.

    Which brand of krill oil are you taking? If you report an issue with the food, we will add this information in if we can!


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks Karen. I use Kirkland Krill. I can calculate my own values of omega 3. I was not sure if you were aware of the issue for other users. thanks again!


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