Why won't Samsung health sync exercise data with cronometer?

Hello cronometer team,

I recently started using your app and linked it with my Samsung health. I put my activity level to none and both apps are linked to sync with each other. However, I am not getting my steps or kcals burned updated on the daily tracker. 

Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you!


  • Hi Howard,

    Can you please check that Cronometer is linked with your Samsung Health account? Open your Samsung Health app and access the menu. Here, choose the settings menu from the top right corner.

    Under Data, select Data permissions from the list of settings.

    This will open a list of your apps that are currently synced with Samsung Health - is Cronometer shown there?

    If it is not, please log into your Cronometer account, disconnect Samsung Health, then reconnect the two accounts to get link the connection.

    Karen Stark
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