Clarification on leafy vegetables

When the food serving size is "1 Cup - Cooked from fresh" , does that mean "1 Cup fresh", then cooked? Or does it mean "Cooked - 1 Cup"? For instance, spinach. It takes many cups of fresh spinach to end with 1 Cup cooked.


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    Also, why would Cooked from Fresh and Cooked from Frozen have different calories for the same serving size? I would understand different vitamin/mineral counts, but the last I knew, freezing a food did not alter the calories in it.

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    Hi Spica66,

    The serving in this case means it is measured after the food is cooked.

    Freezing spinach may damage the structure of the plant resulting in more water lost during cooking. This would have a bit of a concentrating effect on the calories for spinach cooked from frozen compared with spinach cooked from fresh.

    Karen Stark
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    So just to clarify, if I weigh a veggie and then cook it, I should enter it as if it were raw?

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