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I'm planning to add nuts and seeds as a part of my diet. Nuts are high calorie foods, so I'm wondering how to incorporate these and in what amounts and types while not going over-budget on daily caloric intake? Same for seeds.


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    i have a bowl of yogurt every morning with sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, some vanilla whey as sweetener and some banana and strawberry slices on top. it tastes amazing ALTHOUGH it is quite a few calories, usually well over 300, so you wanna be careful there. very nutritious though, great source of magnesium/omega3s/omega6s/vitamin E/other minerals. i'm allergic to most nuts (almond isn't a nut!) otherwise i might add peanuts or walnuts as well.

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    Including one serving of nuts/seeds per day (1 ounce or ~1/4 cup) hasn't been demonstrated to lead weight gain and in fact, may actually help with weight loss.

    The interesting thing about many nuts and seeds is that because there is so much fibre and protein (along with a tough shell), your body has to "work" to digest them and we end up not consuming all the calories listed.

    Nutritionally speaking, I'd recommend almonds, walnuts, 1-3 Brazil nuts (never more than 4), macadamia nuts, and pumpkin seeds.

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