How Is Syncing With Google Fit/Samsung Health Supposed to Work?

I'm not understanding the point of integrating apps like Samsung Health or Google Fit if they don't import step data? My Galaxy Watch Active2 tracks my general daily activity/calories burned as steps mostly (unless I purposefully walk for like 15 min or manually input into the watch that I'm about to exercise). This data isn't imported into Cronometer; only tracked exercises (which doesn't cover daily activity, just exercise as I said before) are. I wanted to set my Activity Level to "None" and have my daily burned calories automatically import so I get a more accurate idea of what I'm burning each day, but it looks like that's not possible since none of my regular daily activity imports. Am I doing something wrong here?

I don't want to go back to the "Sedentary" Activity Level because I think it's heavily overestimating how many calories I burn walking around my house.


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    I use Google Fit (GF) integrated into Cronometer with Activity Level set at NONE...and it works as designed. As you move through the day, GF creates one default activity at the start of your day(walking) and continues to add to that. When you exercise, it gets entered as a separate entry. Both of these will feed into Cronometer. Ensure that GF only reads from your watch and any exercises you do are entered via your watch as your one point of entry.

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