Kidney disease Low-Sodium Search and Tag challenges

I'm new so this is a long list bcz I'm encountering at once:
1. Is there a way to easily food search on fresh produce?
2. I'm entering a ton of recipes. How do I make searches for them easier?
3. I want to be able to search recipes on LOW-nutrient: sodium, potassium, phosphorous.
4. I'm bewildered at the limited tags and categories. I think they may impact recipe searches. Is personal customization an option?
5. For example, I want to be able to categorize and search by 1) breakfast, 2) lunch, 3) dinner, 4) snack, 5) low-sodium, Is there a way they could be added to the category drop-down. These aren't available in the dropdown.
7. Could low-sodium be added to the tags?


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    Hi there,

    The Common tab is great for searching for whole foods. You can find fresh produce options by adding the terms 'raw' or 'fresh' to the type of produce you are searching for.

    Use the Custom search tab to find your personal recipes more easily.

    Cronometer doesn't have an option to search for foods low in a particular nutrient - thanks for the suggestion. Have you tried the Suggest Foods feature in the diary? This suggests foods that can help you meet your remaining targets for the day. If you have a maximum target set for sodium, this will be taken into account as well - might be worth checking out to help you. Though it's not designed as a complete food intake tool, it may be helpful.

    There are no custom food categories or tags - that's a great idea too! I'll discuss these with the team.


    Karen Stark
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    The suggest-foods functionality is terrific but it doesn't aid me in searching or tagging recipes I've entered. Thank you for passing on the suggestion. I'd be glad to help with drop-down suggestions for IT if they would like. There need to be more low sodium food options (broth, etc). I'm interested in helping with that.

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