Should I up my intake if I still want to lose fat % but also exercise or not?

Hey all should I stop exercising as I notice I haven't lost weight or visible fat % and exercising is making me hungrier.

I keep at 1.3kcal usually but I've been binging up to 2.3kcal recently

At 1.3kcal according to cronometsr is what J need to lose weight for my height weight age gender activity level etc

However I've noticed since I ran I haven't really lost much weight due to the over eating.

Should I stop exercising for now? :(

And focus on continuing to lose weight until I'm in the healthier side of the healthy BMI? At the moment I'm at 22.1 for Asian BMI I'm still at the verge of obesity as it's 24 BMI for Asians and J certainly face wise still look it lol

Or is it possible for me to magically still run and stay at 1.3kcal without overeating? Will drinking loads of protein powder and water help lol? I usually mix in the protein powder with my smoothie bowls

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    Hey all nevermind, I got it. Upped my fibre content and it's all good now. I lacked fibre I guess even though it was usually 100% I upped it to 150%+


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