How to track the benefits of green tea?

Many articles exist online that talk about the benefits of green tea. However, when I log green tea on my Cronometer app I see no impact on daily progress towards meeting any daily nutrient targets.

I'm wondering what the reason is for this is. Is it because the particular green tea I've logged is not correctly or fully defined in the database? As someone who has very little knowledge on nutrition I'm wondering if a cup of green tea might at least make a contribution to micronutrient targets. Also, in lots of articles on green tea, the word "polyphenols" is used a lot. I don't understand the science related to this but I'm wondering why these aren't tracked in Cronometer?

I guess what's on my mind is, if green tea (or anything else!) is so great, I'd like to be able to track what it's contributing to my nutritional targets that other foods aren't to assess its place in my daily routine?


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    Hi Josh,

    Since you're brewing a small amount of the leaf to make green tea, there isn't a high concentration of nutrients but there are some! Make sure you're logging "Green Tea, Brewed, Unsweetened" from NCCDB to get the full nutrient profile.

    We don't have data for polyphenols available, though that's something we could look at adding in the future!

    Karen Stark
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    I drink a lot of green tea too, as Karen said make sure you're adding "Green Tea, Brewed, Unsweetened" as that has lots of nutrition data. My green tea intake contributes significant amounts of B2 & manganese to my diet, apparently, as well as trace amounts of various other things.

    I'd love to see the option to track things like polyphenols too, although I can see how that might be difficult to implement as these types of nutrients aren't typically included in the nutrition databases that Cronometer draws from.

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